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Harmonized European hook-up wire & cordage ÖLFLEX ®

126 Quick select chart 127 Harmonized European cable

Harmonized hook-up wire 128 Multi-standard hook-up wire H05V-K: UL AWM Style 1007 & 1569, UL/CSA • H07V-K: UL AWM Style 1015, UL MTW 1063, CSA 129 hook-up wire Type H05V-K & H07V-K 130 Halogen-free hook-up wire Type H05Z-K & H07Z-K

Harmonized cordage 131 ÖLFLEX ® POWER QUAD II

Oil-resistant PVC cordage with & SJTO approvals for global use

132 H05VV-F cordage

Flexible European cordage with PVC jacket & approval


Heavy duty neoprene cordage with and SOOW approvals for global use

134 H07RN-F cordage

Heavy duty flexible neoprene European cordage with approval

135 H07RN-F enhanced cordage

Heavy duty halogen-free rubber European cordage with approval

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