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Headquarters 4.0

Goodbye isolated individual offices! LAPP’s new European headquarters in Stuttgart features an open space design, modern architecture and short distances that enable all-new forms of cooperation. Individual departments are no longer physically separated. Everything is bright and open. Plants are used to separate space, absorb noise and improve air quality.

Height-adjustable desks allow staff to concentrate better and to work more healthily. The open office design aims to improve our communication, teamwork, knowledge exchange, creativity and mobile working. This workplace concept is being rolled out worldwide.

Open office, open cooperation

Despite this, there is still plenty of room for individuality and quiet places where staff can go for greater concentration. The building features team zones, project zones, think tanks, and lounges. Staff can also work in the espresso bar on the ground floor or on the roof terrace if they so wish. Here they can use bistro tables and even sun loungers.

Our new headquarters presents an entirely new concept of office life. Digital, connected, and flexible, it improves communication and cooperation which benefits both our employees and our customers. Our new spatial design allows us to react even more quickly and directly to our customers’ needs. This is because departments that cooperate often are placed closer to each other. For example, sales and all sales-related departments have been brought together under one roof.


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