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SKINTOP ® Strain relief cable glands

Non-metallic cable glands

SKINTOP ® SL •NPT •PG •metric page 497

SKINTOP ® CLICK •metric page 500

SKINTOP ® FLEX •NPT •PG •metric page 503

SKINTOP ® CLICK FLEX •metric page 504

SKINTOP ® halogen-free •metric page 501

SKINTOP ® SOLAR •metric page 502

SKINTOP ® BT •metric page 505

SKINTOP ® K-M ATEX plus •metric page 506

non-metallic locknuts •NPT •PG •metric page 541

Metallic cable glands

SKINTOP ® MS •NPT •PG •metric page 512

SKINTOP ® MS-M ATEX •metric page 517

SKINTOP ® INOX •NPT •metric page 518

SKINTOP ® HYGIENIC •metric page 519

SKINTOP ® COLD •metric page 520

SKINTOP ® GRIP-M •metric page 521

metallic locknuts •NPT •PG •metric page 542

If not otherwise specified, all values relating to the product are nominal values. Photographs are not to scale and are not true representations of the products in question.

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